Why are the current hearing aids so expensive?[Comprehensive analysis]

I have been engaged in the fitting and fitting of hearing aids for several years. The most words I have said to the customers in the store are how expensive the hearing aids are, not a few hundred dollars? How are you more than a thousand? I always answer that more than a thousand are cheap, tens of thousands of expensive! It is better to explain to you the hearing aids that are more expensive, the comfort of the sound, the clarity of the sound, and the noise reduction effect. They also don’t understand. Then I will talk about where the hearing aid is expensive. The following is for reference only:


Hearing aids are the combination of today’s highest technology transistor technology, micro-circuit technology, digital technology, wireless Bluetooth technology, nanotechnology, etc., both micro-computers and medical electronic devices; core technology is in a few countries abroad, regardless of the whole machine or the main zero Parts need to be imported; hearing aids are not simple products, they are not universal, and they need to be tailored according to personal hearing loss.And the need for later re-commissioning and other necessary processes, the service cycle is very long; compared to the artificial cochlea does not move 200,000, but also surgery, with hearing aids is a very reasonable compensation for hearing programs; less smoke per day, can match a good Hearing aids are good, and they are still good for themselves. The so-called cheap and expensive, is also relative, need to consider the hearing loss situation, ear canal situation, compensation needs, daily needs, etc., choose the appropriate hearing aids, focusing on cost performance, such as noise reduction performance, environmental adaptation, channel, Bluetooth, bandwidth, appearance selection, etc. The main reason for hearing aids is that the cost of research and development is high, and the cost of the product itself is not so high. The difference between cheap and expensive hearing aids is mainly concentrated in the following aspects.

1The number of channels; the number affects the fineness of the hearing aid adjustment and the noise reduction effect.

2Comfort: Comfort is mainly affected by noise reduction. Good hearing aids allow the wearer to maintain a comfortable listening experience in a noisy environment.

3, program and wireless functions: the program can handle a variety of environments, wireless functions can close the distance between the wearer and the sound source.

The choice of hearing aids is most important to look at the hearing loss situation, my needs and economic conditions to determine what is right for you.

With this in mind, do you still think hearing aids are expensive? I believe that you don’t feel that hearing aids are expensive.

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