Can I wear a hearing aid at night?

Please take the hearing aid off when you sleep, open the battery compartment and put it in the dry box. When you sleep, you will press the hearing aid, which will produce howling and affect sleep. It is also easy to crush the machine. The hearing aid is worn for one day, and there is moisture in the machine. It can be dried in a dry box to make it more comfortable to wear the next day.

Regarding the problem of wearing a hearing aid at night, do not wear the hearing aid at night, and wear a day’s machine. Although there is no direct contact with water, the air is still damp, so the machine is prone to moisture, so the battery of the hearing aid is needed at night. The door is opened and dehumidified in a desiccant bottle. This is beneficial to the dry maintenance and power saving of the hearing aid while also reducing the machine due to24Loss caused by time work.

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