Non programmable Digital Hearing Aid
These hearing aids are programmed before producing, and the only difference with programmable hearing aid is that once it produced, it can’t be programmed again. And some of the non-programmable hearing aid have trimmer window, which can control “MPO” and “NH”, like JH-D10 and JH-D18. And some hearing aids have no trimmer window, like our JH-D16 and JH-D19. In this category, we also have the waterproof type, like JH-D19 and JH-D18, they can be used in the rainy day. And if it falls down into the water, it still can be used when you get it out.

All these hearing aids have a mode switching function, which can fit for the different sound environment. Like T-coil mode for making a phone call; Noise reduction mode for a noisy environment, like the market, street and so on; And what’s more, like meeting mode for a quiet environment, the normal mode for all sound frequency and outdoor mode for the outdoor environment etc are available for producing. Because of the mode switching function, the hearing aid can cut down some frequency you don’t need, make sure the sound you heard is clear and high quality instead of noise and sound are all amplified.

So, the advantage of non-programmable digital hearing aids
1. No need to programme, very easy to use;
2. Suitable for the different environment;
3. High sound quality;
4. Good market feedback.

Target User

Because of easy operation and high sound quantity, these kinds of hearing aids great for home use, especially for the elderly and children.

Target Seller

Great for exclusive shop, supermarket, department store and online store (Like Amazon store, eBay store and so on) selling.

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