JH-D18 Super Power Hearing Aid

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1. High sound quality
2. Noise reduction, low distortion
3. Professional digital signal processor (DSP) hearing aid IC, 2-16 Channels;
4. 4 modes for the different environment: normal, noise reduction, indoor, outdoor, normal mode for the normal environment, noise reduction for a noisy environment, indoor for a quiet environment, outdoor for the outdoor environment.
5. Rocker switch volume control, easy for volume controlling;
6. Dolphin shape, very creative, the different color for options.
7. Continuous operating time up to 300 hours, people don’t need to change the battery all the time.
8. Open fit type hearing aid, reduce the feedback.


Super Power Hearing Aid Pass Waterproof And Dustproof With 3 Modes

EASY TO USE AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Durable, and comfortable to wear in both ears; Nano finish with IP48

DIFFERENT COMPRESSION CHANNELS,NOISE REDUCTION: Features 4 signal processing channels, and also with 4 independent compression channels, the collected sound is divided into different frequency regions for separated analysis, processing and recurring, also features the speech noise synchronization detection optimization, layered noise reduction to reduce background noise, acoustic feedback cancellation. There are different modes for different atmospheres, standard, noise reduction & tele coil modes.

Best for LIGHT, MILD, MODERATE, SEVERE & PROFOUND hearing needs. This effective hearing assist device comes READY TO WEAR for the right or left ear, or as a pair.
DESIGNED TO AMPLIFY THE HUMAN VOICE: D18 is designed to amplify and boost frequencies of the human voice and cancel background noise with its noise reduction feature. This helps the user hear with maximum clarity. Manufactured with the same technology found in more expensive prescription hearing devices.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: 3 Preset Listening Programs with Volume Control. Personalize your experience by simply adjust the program and/or volume easily. A 12-Band Digital Sound Processor, 4 Channel Amplifier, helps you Hear Clear Again

D18 Digital Hearing Amplifiers help to amplify the sounds in the speech frequencies of the human voice.

Get the boost in hearing you need to regain your confidence without paying a fortune compared to prescription hearing device aids. Our digital ear amplifier with digital noise reduction and noise cancelling come with 3 Preset Programs to Amplify Hearing and help you hear clear:

1) Normal Setting – Regular Listening. Amplifies all frequencies (Great in small groups)
2) Noisy Setting – Reduce Background Noise, Noise canceling
3) Tele-coil: T-coils can link up to a sound system–like a television, a public announcement system, or a cell phone–by acting as a receiver for a loop sound system. When you use your cellphone, the telecoil in your hearing aid switches off the microphone so you are only hearing the sound you want to hear – your phone conversation.

In addition to cell phones and TVs, telecoil technology can also be used in amphitheaters, movie theaters, concert halls, churches, and other acoustic locations. The telecoil receives the sound and amplifies it, without amplifying all the ambient sound or background noise along with it, so you can focus on what you want to hear.

Additional information

FPC+SMT ; Polypropylene ;


Beige, light coffee, OEM


Full range frequency
Noise Reduction Processing
Telephone answering

Two fine-tuning setting

NH & MPO control

Max Sound Output

125dB/ 135dB/ 142dB ± 3 dB

Sound Gain


Total Harmonic Wave Distortion


Frequency Range


Working Hours

210 hours

Input Noise



2/4/6/8/16 Channle



Hearing Loss



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CE,ROHS,ISO13485(Medical CE),Free Sale(CFS)


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