JH-A17BT Non-prescription OTC CIC Hearing Aids

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Non-prescription hearing aids are designed to address mild to moderate hearing loss, and to provide an accessible and affordable option for individuals seeking amplification. JH-A17BT OTC hearing aids are designed to be extremely discreet and difficult to detect when worn. These hearing aids without prescription are engineered to blend seamlessly with the wearer’s natural appearance, making them virtually invisible to others.

  • Built-in high-capacity high-quality battery
  • Quick-charge: 15 minutes quick charge for 5 hours hearing back
  • Fashionable In the ear design
  • Comfortable and different shape earplugs can fit all people
  • USB charging box, small and can charge anywhere, anytime
  • USB charging box can support 3 times charging for pair

Non-prescription OTC Hearing Aids

JH-A17BT non-prescription hearing aids are unnoticeable devices, aiming to minimize any visible signs of wearing a hearing device. With a quick charge function, JH-A17BT OTC hearing aids can offer the convenience of fast charging, allowing users to recharge their hearing aids for extended use quickly. This hearing aid without prescription series typically comes with a USB charging box that can be rapidly replenished within a short period of time. The fast charging feature of non-prescription hearing aids can benefit individuals who rely on their hearing aids throughout the day and want a convenient option for quickly recharging their devices when needed. JH-A17BT OTC hearing aids eliminate the need to constantly change batteries or wait for extended periods for the hearing aids to recharge fully.

JH-A17B OTC Hearing aid functionJH-A17B OTC Hearing aid functionJH-A17B OTC Hearing aid functionJH-A17B OTC Hearing aid functionJH-A17B OTC Hearing aid functionJH-A17B OTC Hearing aid functionJH-A17B OTC Hearing aid function


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