JH-DW2 Over the Counter Rechargeable Hearing Aids with Bluetooth and Microphone

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Hearing aids with Bluetooth and microphone technology allow you to connect to your smartphones wirelessly. This connectivity lets you stream audio directly to your hearing aids, eliminating the need for headphones or additional accessories. With over-the-counter rechargeable hearing aids with bluetooth and microphone functionality, you have hands-free phone conversations and hear clearly in crowded environments. Bluetooth hearing aids with microphone support you to control various settings and features through the hearing control app. This app allows you to adjust volume levels, change programs, and customize settings based on your preferences and specific listening environments.

  • Multiple directionality microphones and digital signal processing
  • 4 Hearing programs
  •  Binaural type
  • Hearing App (iOS and Android)
  • Direct Audio Streaming from iOS devices or Android devices
  • Wireless programming
  • Feedback cancellation & WDRC
  • Multi-function Button
  • 3-in-1 Recharging Base

JH-DW2 smart app control hearing aids with bluetooth and microphone capabilities offer a convenient and advanced solution for individuals with hearing loss. This modern bluetooth hearing aids with microphone can wirelessly connect to the phone and provide enhanced sound quality and functionality. Via the bluetooth feature and hearing control app, users can get additional functions like one-touch planning, customized control, battery checking, and others to help users sound clearly. The built-in microphone in these over-the-counter rechargeable hearing aids allows for clear and amplified sound pickup, even in noisy environments. This combination of hearing aids with bluetooth and microphone technology allows users to enjoy phone calls, music, and other audio content directly through their hearing aids, enhancing their overall listening experience.


JH-DW2 Hearing aidsJH-DW2 Hearing aidsJH-DW2 Hearing aidsJH-DW2 Hearing aids

JH-DW2 Hearing aidsJH-DW2 Hearing aids


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