JH-A32C Smart & Self-fitting Rechargeable Digital OTC Bluetooth Hearing Aids

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Smart and self-fitting rechargeable digital OTC hearing aids with Bluetooth are advanced devices that combine the benefits of rechargeable batteries, digital sound processing, and wireless connectivity.

  • Otc bluetooth hearing aids, 5.0 Bluetooth function, faster and more stable connection
  • Fully customizable for personalized hearing
    -Smartphone APP(iOS/Android)
    -Smart control to adjust the volume/EQ/MPO/modes etc
  • TV Connect
  • Digital Sound Processing ,12 EQ Bands
  • IP64 Water and Dust Resistance
  • Firm & Comfortable Tailored to Sport

OTC bluetooth hearing aids

JINGHAO Smart and self-fitting rechargeable digital over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids with bluetooth capabilities are advanced hearing devices designed to improve sound amplification and connectivity features, which can automatically adapt to various listening environments, such as noisy restaurants, quiet conversations, or outdoor activities. With Otc bluetooth hearing aids, you can enjoy optimized sound quality in real-time.

JH-A32C OTC Hearing AidsJH-A32C OTC Hearing AidsJH-A32C OTC Hearing AidsJH-A32C OTC Hearing AidsJH-A32C OTC Hearing AidsJH-A32C OTC Hearing Aids


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