• Amazon Best seller Hearing aids top 10, Fashion design.
  • Great design, quick and simple charging, and easy to use completely wireless earbuds that also double as sound amplifiers.
  • Amplifies voices for easy conversation
  • Discreet, behind the ear design with three sizes of ear tips
  • Rechargeable batteries for up to 16 listening hours
  • Amplifies voices for mild hearing loss
  • Reduces ambient noise for easy conversations

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  • Smartphone App (iOS/Android)
  • Personal each ear independently via the App
  • Control EQ settings for optimal audio experience
  • 3-in-1 Multifunction Charging Case
  • Mini Portable Charging Case
  • Anti-Bacterial UV lighting
  • Binaural Bluetooth connection for calling and streaming
  • Water-resistant
  • Nano Coating repels liquid
  • Mechanical IPX6

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  • RECHARGEABLE: 20 Hours working for sound amplifier. 2 Hours charging with portable case.
  • Simple Operation: Only need one button to switch between 3 modes (Normal/ Noisy/ Telephone).
  • EASY TO USE: Only 2 buttons control. Long press “M” 3 seconds to turn on/off . Short press “M” for mode adjustment. Short press Volume Button for volume +/-, no need to take it off

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  • Super Mini Size CIC Hearing Aid
  • Sound amplifier with Zinc battery A10,70H-100H battery working time
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Gift packaging included
  • FDA and medical CE approved, One-year warranty.

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  • Tiny size, invisible behind the ear, Wire thin receiver tube invisible to the eye
  • Fits ear canal nicely without discomfortEasy to use Up and Down volume buttons
  • Frequency controls for unique environments
  • Normal/everyday frequencies
  • Noise Reduction frequencies
  • Television frequencies
  • Automatic Noise Reduction capabilities
  • Automatic Feedback Cancelled

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  • Tiny size , light weight 1.8grame only, mini discreet ITE hearing aids
  • Skin friendly material , Wear confortable.Stepless volume adjustment wheel with OFF function
  • Double-layer anti-ceram silicone earplugs
  • DSP chip, clear and rich sound, Automatic feedback canceller
  • Portable storage and charging case with LCD power display screen ,Shake to wake.
  • 14 hours working time for left and right hearing aids.

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  • Call now, with your G.Sound Buds
  • When Hearing Aid meets Bluetooth, life is changing.
  • Bluetooth function & external appearance hearing aids.
  • 1.5H charging,30H stand-by,change-on-go
  • The 12th generation of Bluetooth 5.0Hz,stable connected
  • Connect both ears,one key freely switch between Hearing Aid and phone call
  • Digital Noise reduction

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Our full range of hearing aids.


Buying OEM /OEM hearing aids mean we can produce the unique product according your brand logo or industrial design.



Each specialist in charge makes specifications and design, layout and modeling to match customer needs.




We manufacture high precision products using the latest 48 units computer controlled-devices.




It improves the quality of products and adds value. We also provide UV coating as well.




After fabrication, coating, screen printing. We assemble a variety of parts and manufacture high precision products.

Jinghao Medical Building


Professional Team

We have our own factory, professional equipment to insure production

Quality Assurance

We have ISO9001,ISO13485,CE,RoSH certfication.


We have a major exporter for more than 10 years. Customer from 100 + countrys choose us.

Quality & Price

Our advanced hearing aids technoledgy and production capacity can save your time and money.


All kinds of hearing aids and hearing amplifier
Hearing aids wholesale worldwide


Reliable OTC hearing aids supplier for online hearing aids shop, hearing clinic, pharmacy and more.

Jh-117 BTE hearing aids

JH-117 ITE hearing aid

JH-d36 bte hearing aids 4 channels 4 modes

JH-D36 RIC hearing aid

351-O hearing aid


JH-907 ITE hearing aid

JH-D30 ITE hearing aid


Customer Reviews from our Alibaba Platform websites and exhibitions.

I’ve bought so many hearing aids,  but it’s the best inexpensive one by far.  I’m very happy impressed with the quality of the product. Maybe it would not be perfect for everyone, but it works very well for me.


Andreo – Audiology Doctor

I like this device for its small size and different listening modes. and the rocking volume level switch which is clever in design, easy to adjust, especially for a old man, finger is not sensitive to handle.


Oliver – Buyer

I have been using a different brand that worked very well for missing the high frequency but not so for the low frequency. This device amplifies all frequencies, the sound is clear,  totally meets my hearing issues.


Isabella – Project Manager


Recent news and hearing aids technoledgy article, hearing aids buying guide.
Hearing Aid Classification

Hearing Aid Classification

Hearing aids are divided into different categories. The suitability of hearing aid depends on your hearing loss. Nowadays, amazon hearing aids selling well.
Common hearing aids are divided into four categories:

20th, Aug 2019

Jinghao Medical at Canton Fair

Jinghao Medical at Canton Fair

China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, with a history of 59 years since 1957.

20th, Aug 2019

Hearing aids for elderly people

Hearing aids for elderly people

Recently, there has been an increase in hearing loss people over the age of 60. The old man at home has recently spoken loudly, easy to fight, and is also prone to temper?

20th, Aug 2019