Digital hearing aid is a hearing device that receives sound and digitizes it (breaks sound waves up into very small, discrete units) prior to amplification. And it built-in intelligence that allows them to discern between soft, but desirable sounds and louder, but unwanted noise. Such digital ear machine can amplify the former while neutralizing the latter for better performance in a variety of environments. They can divide into two categories, one is the programmable hearing aid and another one is the non-programmable hearing aid.

For digital hearing aid, “Channels” and “Bands” which are also some of the most misunderstood by users. A band is what is used to control volume in different frequencies and channels break up the frequency range into individual channels. In short, more bands and channels provide you with a more granular sound quality. We can see 2 Channels, 4 Channels, 6 Channels, 8 Channels and even 32 Channels digital hearing aid sound amplifier on the market, more channels will more accurate.

Benefits of digital hearing aids:

Digital technology enables us to create effective solutions for a wide range of hearing difficulties and customize hearing aids to your specific requirements. Digital hearing aids provide you with a truer to life sound than ever before, allowing you to recognize and boost speech over background noise and automatically adjust their volume depending on the environment you’re in.
At Jinghao we have our R&D team with more than 10 years of hearing aid producing.

The digital hearing aid digital ear machine with lightweight digital hearing solutions can fit comfortably in or behind your ears and can be matched to your hair color or skin tone so that you can carry on living your life to its fullest.

Advantage of digital hearing aids

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easy to listen conversations­Digital hearing aids analyze the sound in detail and discriminate between voice and noise. It suppresses noise and emphasizes easy-to-listen conversations, making conversations easy to hear even in noise.

The hearing aid automatically adjusts to the appropriate sound quality and volume according to the “environment (mainly noise, etc.)” when you use the hearing aid. Maintains a comfortable “feel”.

Suppresses the “howling” that tends to occur when talking on the phone or mobile phone, or when hearing aids are put into your ears or when eating.

Digital hearing aids can only demonstrate their true value when matched to the sound quality of each person. Even if your hearing or usage environment changes after purchase, you can adjust the sound quality any number of times at your dealer. Also, until you get used to hearing aids, it is common to readjust several times.
What’s more, some of our digital hearing aids are waterproof, like JH-D18 and JH-D19, the rate of these two items is IP67, you don’t need to worry your hearing machine fell into the water or the rain-soaked your hearing aid.

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