Body-worn type (Pocket model) hearing aids are used for mild to profound hearing loss. As per hearing loss report, this type of hearing aid is selected according to gain already set with the specific hearing aid. Few varieties of such gain levels are the mild gain hearing aid, moderate to moderately severe gain hearing aid, severe gain hearing aid, profound gain hearing aid. The body-worn pocket model hearing aid consists of a cabinet with amplifier and an outside receiver connected with wire with the cabinet. It is mainly analog type low-cost hearing aid.

Body-worn hearing aids have a small box that clips to clothes or fits inside a pocket. This is connected by a lead to the earphone. Some senior citizen finds pocket hearing aids easier to use than the smaller types since they are quite large and the controls easy to operate. Besides, pocket model hearing aid can be worn on the waist belt, trousers pocket, and pocket which is convenient and easy. They are the battery is AA battery, high-capacity can be used for a long time and easy to replace 7 level volume control. Usually, older people prefer this type of hearing aid because they feel that it is easier to be handled with because they have large controls which are better visible for them.

However, very few models of this type are now produced. Pocket hearing aids can be very powerful, meaning that they are most suitable for individuals with very severe hearing losses and their relatively large size makes them easy to handle and adjust.

Jinghao JH-233 and JH-238 is body worn pocket size hearing aid, we recommend these hearing aids for the aged or who can’t operate the small size hearing aid.

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