JH-907 ITE Mini Hearing Aid / Hearing Amplifier

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1. Only a volume adjustment key control hearing aid, the easy operation when you wear;
2. Limited the maximum output, so that the user will not hear the excess volume, which can protect the user’s ear;
3. 3 different earplugs are different people using, it can fit for different sizes ear canal;
4. Mini ITE hearing aid type which can be hidden in the ear and invisible especially for long hair user;
5. Classic appearance with a very cheap price with good market feedback;
6. Factory directly sell with certificates, can be sold all over the world;
7. Design match with ear, comfortable wear, not easy to fall off


Hearing aids are expensive due to the client having to go to an audiologist and getting hearing aids custom made for them. However, what most people don't know, is that hearing aids are actually not expensive. What is expensive, though, is the visit to the audiologist. What we have done, here at Jinghao Medical, is we completely took away the visit to the audiologist. So, at the end of the day you are just paying what the hearing aid actually costs.

All of our hearing aids come with different sized ear buds included in the package. They come with Small, Medium, and Large hearing buds. This way, we can ensure that all of our customers will find the appropriate hearing bud that will allow them to have a comfortable experience.

No, you do not have to be tested first to get hearing aids. Jinghao hearing aids products work for 99% of our clients. All of our devices are tiny, invisible, and easy to use. Getting your hearing checked at an audiologist is simply a marketing method to simply up-charge the customer. Here, at Jinghao, we keep it honest. No taxes, no shipping fee, you just pay for the hearing aid at the real cost. Contact us and start your online hearing aids shop right now!

Some studies have looked at the effect of hearing aids on every-day life for the tinnitus patient e.g. how a hearing aid may help reduce tinnitus and improve quality of life. Other studies have more strongly suggested that for a significant number of people, hearing aids do reduce the effect of tinnitus. Bilateral hearing aids (one on each ear) have been shown to be more beneficial than using only one aid.

Since the introduction of digital hearing aids,  there can be more accurate tailoring of hearing aids to an individual and this has brought about an increase in the beneficial effect of hearing aids for tinnitus.


Features of JH-907 ITE Mini Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier

1. The lightweight and easy operation, you won’t feel anything after you wear, very comfortable;
2. Corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly adjust the maximum output, protect ear, low distortion;
3. 3 different earplugs are provided, which can fit different people’s ear;
4. Mini ITC hearing aid type with small, it is even not as big as a fingertip, so that can it will be invisible after wear.
5. Beautiful design with a useful pulling line to take out the hearing aid from the ear, some hearing aid may too small to take off after using, with this pulling line, the user can be easy to take it;
6. The experienced manufacturer producing and factory directly sell, reasonable price, high quality.

Precautions of JH-907 ITE Mini Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier

1. Adjust volume to the minimum level or switch off before wearing.
2. To choose the right size of ear tips to avoid any extra noise.
3. Increase volume gradually to avoid the sudden increase in sound.
4. If you hear a howling, check the ear (silica gel) is appropriate and whether the size of the plug is tight, the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged, make sure no air leakage.
5. Please regularly clean the earplugs in order to ensure the normal use of hearing aids.
6. Use for long periods of time, please remove the batteries to prevent rot erosion hearing aid components.
7. Keep out of reach of children.
8. The device is not water resistant.

Package Included

1 ITE Hearing Aid
3 Ear tips
1 Strong box
1 Manual book
1 Volume Sticker
2 A10 battery

Additional information


Max Sound Output

120 ± 5dB

Sound Gain


Total Harmonic Wave Distortion


Frequency Range


Input Noise


Machine size

10*16*13 mm



Battery size


Battery capacity

100 mAH

Operation current

3.5 mA

Working time

29 Hours



Hearing Loss

slight, moderate


box Type box Size Weight
White box 3*6.7*8.7 cm 53.6g
lid and base box 10*10*3cm 100g


1. Welcome to inquire OEM/Wholesales hearing aids. We will reply in 24 hours.
2. If you are buy jinghao Product from our Amazon shop, we suggest you contact the Amazon dealer directly.
3. We are top grade hearing aids manufactuer in China, not trading company.
4. Our MOQ is 100pcs, because the shipping cost is expensive, we don't sale just one piece for retail.