Cochlear implant double mode – how to debug the cochlear double mode

Due to the different working principles of cochlear implants and hearing aids, different software styles for debugging, different equipments, lack of contact and cooperation between cochlear implant manufacturers and hearing aid manufacturers, it is very difficult to achieve cochlear implants and hearing aids at the same time.

In the case of dual-mode tuning, hearing aids often play an auxiliary role. Wearing a hearing aid alone can improve the speech recognition rate better than nothing, but wearing a hearing aid while wearing a cochlear implant may magically enhance speech recognition in noisy environments. Rate and perception of sound and tone.

Therefore, our usual method of operation is to first debug the cochlear implant to the current optimal state, and then debug the hearing aid on this basis.

The commonly used method is to balance the hearing aid threshold of the cochlear implant and the hearing aid, so that the two sides get the low frequency (500HzThe following hearing aid thresholds are at the same level or similar levels, so that the sounds heard by cochlear implants and hearing aids are similar in size.

The use of hearing aid threshold test to assist in the adjustment of hearing aids and cochlear implants has great limitations. At present, our most recommended method is to adjust the cochlear implants to the opposite side.Hearing aidPerform real ear analysis to determine the balance of the sounds of the three levels of large, medium and small, so that the test based on verbal information will be more intuitive and more informative. Of course, in the end, the effect of dual-mode listening should be evaluated in terms of speech resolution, and the actual listening experience of the user should be respected.

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