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The cochlear is rich, the domestic is good or the imported is good. Today, I have a good introduction to the price and price of the cochlear implant:

First, because the cochlea is expensive and very important, adults will attach great importance to this cochlea. It is also important to infuse the child with the cochlea. If you lose it, you will not hear this idea, so the child will pay special attention to the cochlea because of this concept. Throwing the cochlea is also rare.

Second, the cochlear is more practical for manufacturers and people with disabilities. Although the positioning system is beneficial, it will increase the power consumption. Compared with waterproof, anti-noise, anti-static, and improve sound quality, positioning The role of the system is negligible.

Third, I personally feel that there are many kind and enthusiastic people in the society. The cochlea is lost, and some people will help find it. Fourth, even if there is a positioning system, it is very troublesome to lose the cochlea, so don’t lose it at the beginning! ! ! Start from yourself, have the awareness to protect the cochlea, take off the cochlea, do not be lazy, put it in a special dry box, wear the cochlea should also pay attention to whether it is worn, children can not wear a protective cover. My cochlea was kept by myself. When I first started with the cochlea, my parents helped me to keep it, but they also instilled in me the cochlea. It is very important that the cochlea is very important. When I am a little older, I will start myself. Keep it safe, my parents are also very relieved of me, because the concept is instilled, and there is protection of the cochlea, it will not fall. Therefore, it is important to have such a consciousness to have a cochlea. Finally, I hope that the loss of the cochlea will not happen. After all, for the children, for the adults, the cochlea gives them a sense of security.

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