Cochlear implant is a kind of three kinds of medical devices, which is divided into two parts: external processor and implant. The general working principle is that the external processor receives the sound post-processing, transmits the signal to the implant, and the implant directly stimulates the auditory nerve through the electric current. ” Electrical stimulation is the way to hear sound. The cochlear implant is the first “artificial organ” in human history to completely replace an organ. The cochlear implant is an “artificial ear” that replaces the ear.

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The hearing aid is an amplifier, but because the hearing loss is not linear, the digital hearing aid is more used at present, not simply amplifying, but some frequency loss is more serious, some frequency loss is smaller. In this way, hearing aids can effectively compensate for hearing. Or to amplify the sound, through the eardrum, ossicular chain, cochlea, auditory nerve to the brain, which is the “enhancement device” of the ear.

At present, it is generally believed that hearing aids can effectively help hearing under 90 decibels. If the hearing aid is more than 90 decibels, the compensation effect of hearing aid is limited. It is usually recommended to use cochlear implant.

However, when to use hearing aids and when to make cochlea depends on the actual situation of the patient. The effective range of cochlear implant and hearing aid is not very clear. For example, if the hearing aid is less than 70 decibels, it is certain; if the hearing aid is more than 90 decibels, it is usually the cochlea; but if the hearing aid is 70-90, it is also effective, and it can be implanted in some developed areas of hearing medicine in foreign countries, both options are OK.

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