The patients who first contact with hearing aids must be unfamiliar with them. What types of hearing aids are there? In fact, we can know them through appearance. They are divided into hanging box type, ear back type, inner ear type, ear channel type, complete ear channel type, etc.

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The hanging wire box hearing aid has a thin wire connected with the hearing aid box, which has high power and low price, and is mostly suitable for the severely deaf old people (with hearing loss of more than 60 decibels) who are not active;

Ear back hearing aid is small and pocket, with various powers. It is used on the back of the ear. It is troublesome to adjust when it is used, but the price is moderate;

The inner ear hearing aid (CE) is a kind of micro device. Its shell is customized according to the patient’s ear sample and put into the patient’s ear cavity and outer ear canal for use. It is easy to generate feedback (scream), which can be seen by others;

The ear canal hearing aid (CC) is more miniaturized and put into the external ear canal, which is not easy to see by others. Of course, the price is very expensive;

Complete auditory canal hearing aid (CIC) is a kind of invisible hearing aid, which is put into the ear canal, very hidden, but the price is higher. Inner ear type, ear canal type and complete ear canal type hearing aids are also called customized machines. They are customized according to the size and shape of the ear canal of the patient. They have the advantages of good sealing, convenient wearing, clear voice, no noise, no impact on the activity of the patient, etc.

Therefore, the selection of hearing aids is economical, from the ear back type to affordable; from the acoustic effect, the ear canal type and the inner ear type are excellent. In terms of hearing aid technology, with the rapid development of hearing aid technology, the appearance and internal quality of hearing aid have been greatly improved.

The ideal hearing aid wearing is to use the corresponding selective frequency amplification for the deafness of different frequencies. With the wide application of digital programming technology, it is possible to use “personalized” hearing aids. According to the audiogram curve of each patient’s ear, this technology can adjust the hearing aids they wear to make them wear better, that is to say, each patient has a hearing aid suitable for their own hearing curve. Modern microprocessor digital technology makes the digital hearing aid enter a new era. The intelligent computer full digital hearing aid is on the market, which makes the hearing aid automatically adjust to adapt to the new environment when the environment changes, making the sound clearer, more natural and more realistic. This kind of intelligent all computer digital chip can also be applied to hearing aids of various shapes, so that the selection of hearing aids becomes dazzling, and there are too many to see.

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