What are the types of hearing aids?Type of hearing aid

The hearing aid is divided into a box machine, a back machine and an in-ear machine. The box machine is basically not recommended for purchase now, the effect is not good, the noise is too big, and the hearing is damaged. The ear and back machines are now the most widely worn on the market. Regardless of the shape chosen, it is necessary to select the hearing according to the hearing of the hearing impaired patient, to detect hearing in a professional hearing aid fitting center, and to select a suitable hearing aid according to the hearing loss.

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What types of hearing aids are there? Can be divided into: air-guided hearing aids are currently the most used, through the air conduction, the sound is transmitted to the various types of hearing aids in the ear. Commonly used box-type, digital signal ear-back type (common type, open type), custom type (ear cavity type, in-ear type, ear canal type), etc.; bone conduction hearing aid is the oscillator through the bone(Mastoid, teeth, ossicle)A hearing aid that transmits sound to the ear; a tactile hearing aid, also called a vibrating hearing aid, uses a vibrator instead of a headset to understand the sound through the perception of the vibrational change by the sense of touch. If you want to know the specific situation, you can go to the professional hearing aid fitting center for fitting. Hopefully my answer is of help to you.

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