Hearing aidWhy is it so expensive?

There are hundreds of cheap hearing aids, and thousands to tens of thousands of expensive ones. This is true! Where are the cheaper hearing aids and expensive hearing aids? Do you have to buy expensive?

In fact, how the cheap and expensive hearing aids work determines the most important factor in their price. It is emphasized here that the hearing aid is not just a random one, it must be scientific and accurate. We sell hearing aids for one purpose: to achieve the effect we want!

When hearing loss patients choose hearing aids, they must first check their hearing, and then perform hearing aid fitting to understand the extent and nature of hearing loss. If you are neurological deafness? Conductive deafness or mixed deafness? Learn about medical history, such as: Do you have otitis media? Otitis media is suitable for invisible hearing aids, do you have other hidden diseases that can cause hearing loss?


Each person has different hearing loss and different needs. The function of the optional hearing aid is different. Since the loss of each frequency band is different, the hearing aid is required to compensate according to the audiogram. If it is just a simple one-size-fits-up, it may cause the sound of some frequencies to be too large or too small, or it may not be clear. For example, according to the amount of high-pitched loss to make up, the bass is too big, the ear can not stand, that is:The sound is too small to hear, and the sound is louder and shocking. Over time, but not good results also ruined their own hearing.

Hearing aidAccording to different frequency bands to compensate, if you choose the most basic hearing aid, the sound is harder, especially in the noise environment, the resolution of speech will be worse, the better the hearing aid, the finer the sound adjustment, The better the sound compensation effect, the clearer the sound, the more realistic, especially the higher the resolution of the speech in the noisy environment, the closer to the real ear effect, the higher the hearing aid price will be.

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