Why are hearing aids so expensive?

High-end hearing aids generally cost tens of thousands of dollars. The reason for this is that the more functions, the more channels, the higher the speed and efficiency of chip processing, the higher the technical requirements, and the smaller the hearing aids. To control power consumption, this is the reason. In addition, the hearing aids need to be equipped with the service. The value of the fitter is also reflected in this. It is not bought like a mobile phone, and the transaction is completed. The hearing aid needs to be dealt with by the fitter for a long time after the sale. Moreover, good brands, advertising, and packaging are also costly on the cost of hearing aids. Secondly, answer the difference between ordinary and expensive: the more expensive the more expensive the processing of noise, the higher the comfort of wearing. However, patients should buy the right ones instead of buying them, as long as they are suitable for themselves.


R&D production costs

Hearing aids are a new high-tech precision microelectronics product. There are as many as tiny on the chip2000Tens of thousands of electronic components require high-tech microelectronics technology and technology to complete, and only a few manufacturers can produce them. Imagine how difficult it is to make a set of sound into peanuts. Hearing aid materials are expensive. Only rice-sized microphones and speakers need to produce sounds that meet the needs of various hearing loss. They must be customized according to the nature of the hearing loss. The key components (such as the thickness of the diaphragm should be as thin as possible and the gap should be as small as possible). ) must be made with special materials. The manufacturing process is complicated. It is difficult to mass produce because it must be specially customized according to the nature of hearing loss according to different parameters. Development of each hearing aid. Both need to go to the pre-development cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. It is conceivable that the cost of making a computer as raw peanuts will be the cost.

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