Why are hearing aids more expensive?

In fact, the channel is only one of the technical parameters of the hearing aid difference, not all. There are differencesHearing aidThe sound collection and recognition system and microphone directional mode and so on. The difference is that the user’s clarity and comfort in listening to various life scenes is better.


The frequency response of the hearing aid needs to be adjusted according to the user’s pure tone hearing data and the subjective listening feeling. In each hearing aid manufacturer’s software, there are several hearing fitting formulas to set the basic compensation amount of the hearing aid. The adjusted parameters are the gain amount, compression ratio, maximum output, feedback suppression, etc. of three different sounds of large, medium and small, as well as some parameters of noise reduction and directivity. Without the relevant professional background and work experience, it is impossible to adjust the hearing aid. If it is too enlarged, it will cause further damage to the hearing.

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