WearingPhonak hearing aidWhat to pay attention to

Phonak hearing aidIt is a high-tech hearing aid product developed by Phonak Hearing Group. Serve the weak and improve the lives of the hearing impaired. The headquarters of the Phonak Hearing Group is located on the outskirts of Zurich, Switzerland.StafaIs specialized in high-tech hearing aids andFMA multinational listed company that researches, develops, manufactures and sells wireless FM hearing aid products, and is an academic leader in the global hearing industry.

Phonak hearing aidThe product has the following characteristics:

Chinese Dream Platform: Originally created by the industryAPDTChinese speech processor: can significantly improve the user’s Chinese speech comprehension, the industry’s unique acoustic coupling options: effectively improve the accuracy of hearing aid debugging, Fengli First4Generation of high-frequency remodeling function, professional Chinese real-world experience mode: accurate fitting, good experience, “Chinese sound customization” significantly improve user success rate.

Cloud platform: second generation frequency shift: cutoff frequency up to10000HzListen more, stereo focus: focus on a single sound in a noisy environment, automatic sound source focus: automatic search, focus sound source direction, special focus: new directional technology, provide spatial signal to noise ratio, binaural phone: Easier to listen to the phone, intelligent control: breakthrough intelligent interaction, volume and soundscape full customization ratio, intelligent volume: better volume adjustment, comprehensive customization ratio, second generation feedback blocking technology: intelligent and energy-saving.

VPlatform: Phonak’s latest launchVPlatform series products, using new chips to respond faster and more energy-efficient –5.5亿次/Second operation processing capability, which brings extremely fast response to hearing aids; wireless voice transmission energy saving is achieved30%, full-time sound tracking system, improved speech comprehension in all environments20%!Increased dialogue in the car37%!Increased verbal comprehension in noisy environments60%!Achieve automatic switching of various environments. The second generation of Chinese speech processor, specially designed for Chinese language and Chinese environment, the star technology that many Chinese have already used, whether it is quiet or noisy environment, enhances Chinese listening experience.

Phonak hearing aidhow about it? What should the elderly pay attention to?

Hearing aids for hearing aids: Hearing aids are selected according to the specific hearing loss of the hearing impaired. Different hearing aids are suitable for different hearing impaired persons. Hearing aids suitable for hearing loss are the best hearing aids.

What should the elderly pay attention to when wearing the peak force hearing aid??

1.Newly occurring senile deafness, don’t rush to wear a hearing aid, have to treat it for a while, and if you still haven’t improved, consider wearing a hearing aid. Wearing a hearing aid too early may increase deafness by receiving strong stimuli.

2.When using a hearing aid, a thorough examination must be performed by a specialist to determine which type of hearing aid to use based on the different levels of hearing loss.

3.Senile deafness, the degree of deafness in both ears is often inconsistent. It should be worn on the side with poor hearing so that the other ear can listen to the sound of nature, so that the ears can be harmonious.

4.If one ear is moderate deafness and the other ear is severe, it should be worn on the side with better hearing, so that the best listening effect can be obtained.

5.For moderate to severe deafness with the same degree of deafness in both ears, the ears can be worn alternately to reduce fatigue.

6.For patients with “revitalization phenomenon”, after wearing a hearing aid, you must practice the skills of increasing or decreasing the volume in a timely manner, so as to prevent the sound from suddenly becoming large and causing discomfort.

7.In case of abnormal conditions, it is necessary to find a specialist to check and treat in time.

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