What you need to pay attention to when you start wearing a hearing aid

one, Wearing time and environment

the first week Wear every day2-3Hours, worn in a quiet indoor environment;

the second week Wear every day4-5Hours, worn in a slightly noisy environment, such as in a community, in a park;

The third week Wear every day6-7Hours can be worn in noisy environments, such as on the road, but not in a noisy environment for too long;

the fourth week Wear every day8About hours, it can be worn in various environments;

Hearing aid wear is a process of gradual adaptation, a gradual process. Everyone feels different. The time of wearing each week varies from person to person. If you feel uncomfortable, you can stop wearing it. Go to the store for evaluation and debugging to ensure comfortable and safe wearing of the hearing aid.

What you need to pay attention to when you start wearing a hearing aid

two, Hearing aid adjustment cycle

When the hearing aid is first fitted, the gain (magnification) of the hearing aid will only be placed70%-80%,Have1-3During the month of adaptation, when you are able to adapt to the hearing aid, you need to go to the store to evaluate and adjust the hearing aid parameters.

Late each3-6Months to the store to review the hearing and make an assessment, the corresponding adjustment of the hearing aid. Make sure your hearing aid is in optimal working order. If you find any problems during the wearing of the hearing aids, please contact our store or customer service.

Initial hearing aid tips

three, Daily care of hearing aids

It is important to keep the hearing aid clean and dry at all times. The battery door should be opened and the battery removed when the hearing aid is not worn.,This will extend battery life.

The hearing aid is loaded into the battery, the hearing aid can be activated by closing the battery door, and the hearing aid is turned off when the battery door is opened.

When the hearing aid is turned on, it will emit吱吱The whistling sound, especially when taking out or putting in a hearing aid. Howling is often caused by the amplified sound being reflected by the hand or other objects and then re-acquired into the microphone. When the hand or reflector is removed, the howling should stop. If there is a continuous howling, you should consult the professional assistant of the hearing aid.

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