What issues should you pay attention to when wearing a hearing aid?

Rejection or frequent removal of hearing aids often feel uncomfortable or too loud in the initial stage. Inserting an eardrum into the ear canal is inevitably inflated and blocked. Wearing a hearing aid is the same as wearing new glasses. At first, some children may refuse to wear due to habitual problems, even crying, making trouble or wearing a hearing aid. Parents should find ways to divert the child’s attention or demonstrate the action to the child, so that they feel very happy after wearing the hearing aid. Comfortable to cultivate good habits for children wearing hearing aids. If the child takes the hearing aid off, don’t force it to wear it immediately, wear it after a while, and observe and record the time and environment that you don’t want to wear in order to provide the professional with an analysis of why he or she is not willing to wear it.

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2: Help hearing-impaired children to pass the hearing aid adaptation period

Adaptation phase is generally required12During the month, you should pay attention to:

(1Start by turning the volume of the hearing aid down and then gradually increasing it so that the wearer can adapt.

(2Wear hearing aids from short to long, such as wearing on the first day12Hours, the next day23Hours, according to the child’s ability to adapt, gradually extend the time, until the hearing aid has a good feeling, resulting in dependence.

(3Start with a quiet and familiar environment and gradually move into a diverse sound environment. After a period of adaptation and exercise, children will get used to wearing hearing aids.

3: Do a good morning hearing aid hearing

Hearing aid effect is an important factor affecting the development of auditory language ability of hearing-impaired children, especially infants. Most of them are pre-linguistic hearing impaired. Depending on the professional, hearing aids are an important part of hearing aids. The contents of the hearing aid include whether the hearing aid is in normal working condition, such as whether the eardrum is well sealed, whether the volume switch is in the normal position, and whether the battery needs to be replaced. These are important aspects of the morning hearing of hearing aids, and the morning inspection problems are solved in a timely manner, so that the hearing aids of hearing-impaired children are optimized every day.

4: Maintenance of hearing aids and eardrum

Sometimes the hearing aid is silent and not a battery problem, it is related to the blockage of the eardrum sound hole. The maintenance of hearing aids and eardrums is an important factor in ensuring the effectiveness of hearing aids, mainly paying attention to the following aspects;

(1Wipe the eardrum (earplugs) with dry and soft cloth every day, check the sound hole for flaws (deafness), and eliminate ear canal secretions.

(2) Soak the eardrum (earplugs) in clean water every week, disinfect, and then dry the water.

(3Regularly go to the matching center to receive the inspection of the fitter to ensure the normal use of the hearing aid and eardrum.

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