Can drinking alcohol cause deafness?[Alcohol can cause deafness?]

Drinking alcohol can also cause deafness??This may be a question in many people’s minds. According to the survey, more than half of the people with deafness often drink alcohol. Alcohol can cause irritation to the human body’s throat, and people’s throats are uncomfortable, and some people still have some people. Will suffer from pharyngitis and so on. Our otolaryngology is connected, and when the throat has a problem, it directly affects the ear, which causes the hearing loss to form deafness.

Drinking alcohol can also cause deafness?

First, more than half of the patients with ear disease have the habit of drinking all the year round..Frequent drunk is an important cause of hearing loss,Long-term drunkenness can cause tinnitus,Hearing loss.Alcohol can cause irritation to the mucosal surface of the human throat,Therefore, most people who drink alcohol are prone to pharyngitis.,Causing eustachian tube obstruction,Produce tinnitus,Lead to hearing loss.

Second, if it is inflamed for a long time,It is also prone to catarrhal otitis media,Middle ear effusion,Cause symptoms such as tinnitus, blockage, and hard of hearing.Long-term uncontrolled drinking and chronic alcoholism,Lead to hearing loss.Longer,Hearing will gradually decline,In the end, it may develop into neurological deafness.

Experts recommended a formula for calculating alcohol intake,which is”Drinking amount × alcohol concentration ×0.8 =Alcohol intake”.Calculated by this,Low liquor,Don’t drink more than every day2两,Moderate liquor cannot exceed1两,And strong alcohol is best not to exceed25毫升;Wine should be controlled every day.5Within two,Do not exceed strong wines3两;Beer should not be more than two(approximately700毫升).Therefore, moderate drinking can effectively prevent deafness

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