Wearing a hearing aid, is it a disabled person?

We should treat hearing aids as if they were glasses. I don’t think anyone would say that this person is a visually handicapped person because he wears a pair of glasses! In the same way, we should remove the concept that a person is wearing a hearing aid and that he is a hearing impaired person. As long as hearing loss affects our normal life communication, or long-term exposure to noise, we should actively monitor hearing and take effective measures. Do early intervention and improve the quality of our lives. If necessary, you can go to the Disabled Persons’ Association for details, hearing disability level. Average hearing loss(dBspl) Speech recognition rate(%)First level >90(Good ear) <15Second 7190 (Good ear) 1530, three levels 6170 (Good ear) 3160, level four 5160 (Good ear) 6170Note: This standard applies to3Hearing loss in children or adults over the age of more than one year.


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