Hearing aid wearing rehabilitation tips

Hearing aid wearers with poor speech resolving power are very important to insist on wearing.


The first step: the ear to. After wearing the hearing aid, you must re-learn to listen to the sound, listen to which sounds are not heard by the hearing aids, and hear them after wearing the hearing aids. Which sounds are not heard by the hearing aids, and you can hear them clearly after wearing them.

The second step: eye to hand, hand to. People with poor speech resolving ability rely on the mouth type for a long time. After wearing the hearing aid, listen to the sound and look at the mouth shape. If you don’t understand it, let others slow down and read it several times until you understand it.

The third step: the heart is. Patience and learning are very important. It is impossible to have immediate effect when wearing a hearing aid. It is necessary to adhere to hearing rehabilitation. The wearer with poor speech resolving ability insists on half a year to one year. The combination of mouth shape and listening sound can basically solve most of the daily communication. problem. Under normal circumstances, customers with poor resolving power need more hearing aids with higher definition to listen to the hearing, so as to achieve better hearing aid wearing effect.

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