Hearing aid maintenance tipsHearing aid maintenance knowledge

Hearing aids are electronic products,Aging,Afraid of humidity,Avoid oil stains,Maintenance is not a small expense,How to extend the life of hearing aids,How to reduce the number of repairs,Reduce economic burden,It is very important to maintain the hearing aids.,How to maintain the hearing aid? Regularly go to the fitting center to clean the hearing aid


1,Horn jam:Customized hearing aid flare is inside the ear canal,The ear canal will secrete(Commonly known as deafness),Easy to block the sound hole,A small amount of blocked hearing aid sounds whisper,Hearing aid has no sound when the blockage is severe,If the long-term blockage of the hearing aid speaker is easy to block.

2,Microphone blocked:The oil secreted in the ear canal easily enters the hearing aid microphone,Many hearing aids to the fitting center found that the speakers and microphones were all oily,This is great for hearing aid damage.,Not only 剌 麦克 麦克 damaged,The hearing aid chip is also corroded.

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