Hearing aidHow to maintainHearing aid maintenance method

1Avoid placing in wet or hot places, and should not be exposed to the sun, otherwise it will affect the service life.

2Do not collide with hard objects.

3Keep earplugs clean.

4The earphones are thin and should not be pulled or twisted at will.

5When you are not sleeping or when you are not wearing a hearing aid for a long time, you should take out the battery to avoid unnecessary power consumption, or soften, and the liquid will flow out and damage the internal components.


6The box-type hearing aid should be placed in the jacket pocket. When using it, the switch should be turned on first, then the tone should be adjusted, and the debugging can be heard when the distance is close.

7,Hearing aidWhen a howling sound occurs, turn off the switch, then turn it on again and readjust it.

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