Hearing aid daily maintenance skills

1 The hearing aid should not fall, touch, fall or collide, which may cause the disconnection of the sound tube and internal mechanical damage. Especially for children who are weakly hearing, it is necessary to strengthen protection and take effective measures. If you use a thin wire to woven into a small net sleeve, connect the hearing aid with a wire to connect or fix it on the clothes, and attach the carpet to the classroom or its activity site, but pay attention to tie the sound tube with a wire rope or block it. The microphones are all wrong.


2 should avoid moisture, water and overheating, do not wear hearing aids to swim, bathe, wash your face, pay attention to protection when it rains. It is common for children to put a hearing aid in the mouth and play with it. Attention should be paid to the high temperature environment (40Hearing aids should be removed when using a hair dryer.

3 battery: the life of the general hearing aid battery is90200Hours, expired use is prone to liquid leakage and damage to the hearing aid, and the battery is out of date and the bump is embedded in the battery compartment and is not easy to remove. Insufficient power will also affect the acoustics of the hearing aid, so pay attention to updating the battery.

4 Avoid electromagnetic radiation: In high-frequency thermal therapy (physiotherapy) or operation, radiation therapy and strong magnetic field environment, the hearing aid should be placed in another safe room.

5 Never use a hearing aid in an explosive environment.

6 It is not allowed to disassemble the hearing aid. The modern hearing aid consists of high-precision electronic components. Unauthorized disassembly will not be good for maintenance and affect the use.

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