summer Hearing aid Maintenance [Summer hearing aid maintenance tips]

  1. In summer, human sweat easily enters the inside of the hearing aid and affects the use of hearing aids. When entering a room with air conditioning outdoors in a high temperature environment, water vapor generated in the air and in the human ear canal due to changes in temperature difference

It is easy to condense into small water droplets in the sound tube, which affects the conduction of sound. It may cause the hearing aid to become small or even no sound, and more serious internal parts are eroded. You can dry and ventilate your hearing aid every day and clean the surface of the case with a soft brush. When not in use, place the hearing aid in a dry box and dry it at any time. The discoloration of the desiccant should be replaced in time. Always check the sound tube of the hearing aid. When there are water drops, pull out the sound tube, pull out the water drops, and use a paper towel..Twist the wire to dry the tube wall. After shampooing, bathing, and swimming, please do not wear it immediately, and then use the hearing aid after the water in the ear canal is exhausted. If you accidentally get the hearing aid wet, put the hearing aid in a dry bottle to absorb moisture or air dry. Do not use fire and high-temperature baking.

2. High temperature protection High outdoor temperature in summer and long-time high temperature exposure not only cause deformation of the casing, but also abrupt changes in overheating or temperature difference have a certain influence on the material properties of the hearing aid casing, resulting in insufficient bearing capacity, brittle fracture due to external impact, and even internal Device vibration is damaged. WearHearing aidAlso, pay more attention to prevent slipping. You can remove the hearing aid in time for long periods of high-temperature outdoor activities, to avoid direct exposure of the hearing aid to daylight. Wear or take off on something soft on the surface (eg bed, sofa, etc.)Hearing aidIf you sweat, first dry the sweat. After the hearing aid is removed, it should be placed in a safe place to prevent it from falling on the ground and being squeezed by an external force.

3. dust-proof Human body excrement (such as ear wax, ear secretions, etc.) will affect the performance and life of the hearing aid to varying degrees. This is especially true in the summer. After daily use, clean the earwax and sweat on the surface of the hearing aid with a soft, dry cloth. For custom machines, check the baffle plate for earwax or impurities. If this is the case, clean or replace the new bezel immediately with a small brush. For behind-the-ear hearing aids, if the sound tube is found to be blocked by earwax or impurities, clean it immediately.

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