How to maintain the hearing aid in the summerSummer maintenance hearing aid Raiders

Dry box placement

As a kind of sophisticated electronic device, hearing aids should pay attention to anti-shock, moisture-proof and anti-fall in daily life, etc., and moisture-proof is included in daily small notes. The drying tank is a traditional mature hearing aid drying method. The drying tank needs to be used with the dry cake. Currently, the drying tank has various designs on the market.


Electronic drying box

The appearance of the electronic dryer, the word “dry” instantly has a hint of “automatic” taste, the manual is automatically changed, the small force is a little rising, the feeling is that there is wood, and then the electronic disinfection dryer, and can be disinfected again Can be dry, completely from small to advanced to the tall.

Some electronic disinfection dryers on the market have a heating and constant temperature function, and the sterilization and disinfection function can generate ultraviolet rays, which can directly kill bacteria and viruses on the surface of the hearing aid; while having the function of drying and disinfecting, it also has a battery detection function!

small component

In addition to the dry dehumidification of the hearing aid, daily cleaning is also required for the ear mold. Compared to hearing aids, ear molds can be washed quickly and quickly.

Cleaning tanks, ultrasonic cleaning machines, etc. as a large bathtub can help the ear mold and hearing aid parts to be cleaned and disinfected. The ultrasonic cleaning machine is several times more efficient than the traditional cleaning method.

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