Why wear hearing aid can’t hear[Comprehensive problem]


Our old user Zhang Ayi consulted us with a very representative question: Why do you wear a hearing aid or can’t hear it?

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The question you are consulting is very representative. Answer your question here, I hope to help you!

First of all, hearing aids are an auxiliary tool that cannot replace the functions of human organs. People wearing dentures and glasses can only help people improve and cannot achieve or exceed the original function. This is the case for hearing aids. It can help listen to patients clearly and communicate more easily, but never achieve good results. Ear level.

First of all, in noisy/The following situations are not heard in the conference environment:

1The hearing aid itself has no directional function. Listening better in a quiet environment, a noisy environment outside, because of the noise of the mask and cover some words, so will not hear. The solution to this problem is to choose a directional microphone hearing aid, hearing said there are two microphones. In this way, in a noisy environment, you can hear more clearly.

2, no matchHearing aid. Many people are worried that wearing a hearing aid has always been very noisy. Isn’t wearing two more noisy? This is a misunderstanding of many patients with hearing loss. The auditory system is a good noise reduction system. The two ears have a small time difference and phase difference in the same signal. The brain can use these differences to recognize the sound and ignore the noise. It also means binaural than mono. Noise reduction is more effective. Studies have shown that binaural hearing can exceed5dBThe gain can make people more likely to hear the sound you want to hear in the same environment than a single ear.

Second, the phone can’t hear the following:

1The location of the phone is not placed correctly. The earphone is the imported sound, so when answering the phone, the phone should be placed at the top of the ear so that the sound can be directly put into the microphone to enlarge. If the distance is far away, the sound will be small and clear.

2There is no hearing aid with sensor function or automatic phone function. When the home phone has an inductive function, the hearing aid also has an inductive function, and the hearing aid opens the inductive file, and the sound will be clearer.

Third, the school class could not hear clearly:

Due to the large classroom space, sometimes students discuss problems, people can not understand the teacher’s speech content. This is more common in children. The current solution to this problem is to use the system. allowable30Within the meter, it is not the change of the teacher’s distance and direction, but also the teacher’s speech, just like the previous speech. Many children because the benefits of learning have been greatly improved.

Fourth, the TV is not clear:

如果Hearing aidAll are digital, so you can test the debug first and compress the smaller ones. In addition, adherence to hearing aids can improve clarity. The distance from the TV should not be too far, preferably2Within meters. The effect is good, it is recommended to choose a TV or wireless headphones to listen. After all, hearing aids can’t solve all the problems for you. It’s just an aid. The most important thing is to communicate more easily. Of course, with a hearing aid, The continuous advancement and development of technology are getting better and better to help you solve your hearing problems.

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