On Buy a hearing and what factors need to be considered

If a person has hearing loss in both ears, the desired binocular recovery should be achieved as much as possible. However, for economic reasons and other reasons, you can only choose a single-sided ear hearing aid. You must consider which side of the ear is matched to achieve better results.buyHearing and you can choose expert advice by referring to the following principles:

1, audiogram: the extent and type of loss

2.Mild to moderate hearing loss – Matching the poor ears, you can get a better balance of the ears, reflecting the advantages of binaural hearing.

3. More severe hearing loss – Match better ears because better whisper resolution is better.

4Flat listening is easy to match than steep listening.

The dynamic range is easy to match.

5. Conductive deafness is more than sensorineural hearing loss.

In deciding which side of the ear, also consider the language resolution of the ear, generally matching the side of the language resolution.

6, tinnitus

If the ear canal has tinnitus, wearing a hearing aid can mask or reduce tinnitus.

7, personal habit

If the above factors are not different in the ear, you can choose the pairing side of the ear according to your own habits, living habits, personal preferences, professional requirements, etc. For example, a taxi driver likes to consider your hairstyle when wearing a hearing aid on the side of a passenger near your ear.

8Physiology: Physiological factors can also affect your choice of hearing aids.

The shape and size of the ears and ear canal make it impossible for some people to wear certain types of hearing aids. For example, if your ear canal is particularly narrow, the ear canal hearing aid is not for you.

Mono and binaural: The bar is equipped with a hearing aid that is better than a single ear because binaural hearing helps determine the position of the sound source and makes it easier to distinguish between different sounds. Hearing loss due to age and noise may affect the ear, but the hearing loss characteristics of each ear are different. If you lose your hearing loss, it is best to work with two hearing aids. In the United States, approximately two-thirds of hearing patients purchase two types of hearing aids, which show higher satisfaction than single-ear wearers.

Price: Improve listening and improve quality of life, making it difficult to calculate prices. The value of a hearing aid is that it allows you to actively participate in social activities, work normally and participate in your favorite activities.

Please consult a professional hearing aid examiner who will consider the whole and choose the one that suits your needs.Hearing aid.

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