What should I do if I am angry?

Tinnitus is a common symptom of otology. Everyone has a feeling of physiological tinnitus. Those who exceed the physiological limit become symptoms, but tinnitus symptoms need to eliminate auditory hallucinations and hearings! Tinnitus is the perception of endogenous sound. The anger you say can cause tinnitus, it is a sensorineural tinnitus. After detailed examination of the ear, no organic diseases were found to cause tinnitus.

Sensorineural tinnitus, there are many sayings, some are caused by remodeling of the central nervous system, which is the microcirculatory dysfunction of the inner ear, causing cochlear tinnitus. When angry, it is also a bad emotional stimulus, which can cause microcirculation changes in the whole body. Causes blood supply to the cochlea, in which it can cause changes in the auditory nerve and synaptic potential, it also appears that God classic Wei remodeling, can cause tinnitus. Tinnitus can also cause irritability, anxiety, nervousness, fear or depression in patients, and bad emotional state can aggravate tinnitus, causing a vicious circle between tinnitus and bad emotions. Psychological factors play an important role in the process of tinnitus.


If the sensorineural tinnitus is caused by anger, it is recommended to do a detailed ear examination first. Combine the results of the examination to analyze the causes and changes of tinnitus and the changes, eliminate the worry of patients with tinnitus, let the patients with tinnitus in the sound-filled environment, actively touch the sounds of nature, strive to coexist with tinnitus, compare tinnitus to car sound, current noise, etc. Adapt and get used to these sounds, let the patient try to eliminate the psychological reaction caused by tinnitus, suppress negative emotions, and establish the confidence that tinnitus can treat.

It can be treated with some drugs, mainly to improve microcirculation, nutrient nerve drugs, calcium ion antagonists, tinnitus inhibitors, and reduce tinnitus affecting drugs and neurotrophic drugs. If the patient has a bad rest, you can use some sedative drugs. If the female patient may have menopause, consider using some female hormones. Sound therapy can also be considered, that is, with a sound, preferably the patient likes the sound, which is lower than the tinnitus, which is masking treatment. Nowadays, it has been widely used in clinical tinnitus adaptive training and habitual treatment. The purpose is to make the patient adapt to the tinnitus and habit, thus reducing the degree of tinnitus and relieving the physical and mental disorders caused by tinnitus. Suitable for long-term, severe tinnitus patients, mainly including counseling and acoustic therapy. You can also try Chinese medicine treatment, that is, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment.

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