Does tinnitus affect hearing?

Whether tinnitus affects hearing, depending on the time and severity of tinnitus, mild transient tinnitus does not affect hearing, but long-term tinnitus without effective treatment may affect hearing. Therefore, timely treatment is the most important.

Tinnitus is a common clinical symptom. Tinnitus can significantly affect the quality of life of patients. In severe cases, it can lead to anxiety, depression and even suicide. Many people with tinnitus are confused by the widespread sayings of “Ten Ming Jiu Yu” and “Ji Ming Bi”. At the same time, due to the existence of tinnitus patients with hearing loss, hearing loss patients with tinnitus, many doctors in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus often associated with tinnitus and hearing loss, and even treat the two as the same kind The different manifestations of the disease, the treatment of hearing loss with the treatment of hearing loss, the effect is often unsatisfactory, and more cause the fear of prognosis in patients with tinnitus. Such worry further aggravates tinnitus, causing a vicious circle between bad emotions and tinnitus, which aggravates the suffering of patients. At present, scholars have studied this issue, and the conclusion is that tinnitus and hearing loss are not always accompanied by each other.

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