Hearing aidWill it affect hearing?

There are many patients with hearing loss who are worried that once they wear a hearing aid, they will affect their hearing and will wear more and more. They feel that their vision is getting worse as time goes by, so it is inferior to listen to hearing aids. The need for help without glasses can only lead to excessive fatigue and accelerate the process of irregular light. The same is true of hearing. Need without a hearing aid,It will only increase the difficulty of hearing and accelerate the process of hearing degeneration. Conversely, wearing a hearing aid based on your own hearing will not lead to worse and worse hearing.

There is one exception: hearing aids worn by deaf patients without their own hearing.300Degree of myopia800The degree of myopia is obviously harmful and unhelpful.Hearing aidis also like this. Therefore, hearing aids need to be accurately fitted, and it is bound to be more complicated and more detailed. To be precise, wearing a well-qualified quality hearing aid does not exacerbate the process of deafness.

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