Suddenly, how is the tinnitus?

Sudden tinnitus needs to distinguish between age groups. Sudden tinnitus can be seen in:

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1Now, tinnitus gradually tends to be younger. Young people use headphones to listen to songs, and ears use earplugs to close the songs. After a long time, the nerves will be tired and cause tinnitus. So everyone listens to songs and don’t put the headphones very tight, don’t plug them for a long time;

2Some people are electromagnetic radiation, tinnitus, deafness, and the call time is too long, exceeding5More than a minute, this situation is also easy to damage the hair cells of the ear’s auditory nerve, produce edema, and produce tinnitus and deafness;

3Some diseases, such as chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease can affect blood flow, so that the ears supply insufficient blood. Cerebral infarction, which is caused by pathological causes.

Therefore, tinnitus should attract everyone’s attention. Many people have tinnitus and think it is getting angry. But tinnitus must be prompted to have problems, tinnitus occurs10In the day, I have to go to the hospital to find a doctor and see what causes tinnitus. If it is caused by hearing fatigue or temporary hearing damage, it will be better after treatment. If tinnitus is caused by certain diseases, such as cerebral infarction, heart disease, diabetes, etc., it is necessary to treat the primary disease, and the tinnitus may be better after the primary disease is controlled. Don’t think it’s getting angry, wait3It is very difficult to get tinnitus to recover after coming to the doctor after a month or six months. Tinnitus does not affect hearing, it is two systems, but people with poor hearing can have tinnitus. When the tinnitus is severe, it will be upset. People will be restless, lie down and sleep, and the ears will not be pressed onto the pillow, which will affect sleep. So tinnitus is not a small thing, you must go to the hospital. In addition, tinnitus is not a sudden tinnitus, there are certain reasons. If someone opens the gun, the person walks past, just two kicks and explosions in the ear, the tinnitus will suddenly appear, this phenomenon is relatively rare, generally there are reasons.

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