Hearing aid listening to musicHearing aids want to listen to music

The frequency range of music is very wide, and the volume is very high and low. If you want to bring a hearing aid to listen to music, it is recommended to choose a high-end hearing aid, wide bandwidth, and music mode.


The key is to look at the hearing situation and the hearing aids used. The more severe the hearing damage, the worse the effect of hearing aid compensation and the effect of rehabilitation, then listening to music will also be affected. If the hearing loss is not very serious (<70dBHL), wearing a wide-bandwidth, high-definition hearing aid, especially now the new technology hearing aid with Bluetooth function, then you can listen to music better. In addition, there are many good hearing aid products, and the price is also different. When you buy a hearing aid, you should pay attention to it: First, choose a professional service point and choose an experienced fitter.

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