Hearing aids, listening to music, how is it going?

Because the music range is wide, and the sound is high and low, the hearing aid will give different gains according to the size of the sound, and the bandwidth is generally not as wide as music. You can go to the hearing aid fitting center to try out high-end hearing aids. It has a music mode and it sounds better.


The listening field of people listening to sound is very wide, and it can collect all kinds of sounds, so you can hear the realism of music. Because hearing loss requires wearing a hearing aid to assist the hearing, the sound quality of the hearing aid determines the price, but the price is good. Even the best hearing aids are also electronic devices. The sound processing is good, the distortion is small, the price is definitely higher, and the music has a wide range of temperament. Therefore, wearing a hearing aid feels that there will be a change of sound.

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