Can hearing aids relieve tinnitus?

Firstly, the hearing aid should be fitted to the hearing center of a professional chain, which is more secure. Secondly, due to the need for maintenance and after-sales, it is recommended to go to the fitting center near the home for fitting. You can search the nearby fitting center on the map to get a better understanding of the hello. About hearing aids can alleviate the problem of tinnitus. The answer is yes:


1.Tinnitus is one of the world’s audiology problems, and it is one of the important reasons for hearing loss;

2.Wearing a debugged all-digital hearing aid can help the hearing loss to hear more sounds, and stimulate the brain for a long time, which may make the tinnitus relieved or even ignored.

3.At the same time, some high-end hearing aids also have the function of tinnitus masking, which can open the function for tinnitus masking. Some people can play a masking role, and the tinnitus will be alleviated.

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