What kind of hearing aid is the split hearing aid?

1The appearance of this machine is small and cute, and it is easy to attract customers; therefore, it is especially suitable for the appearance of a certain pursuit of customers; the price of the machine from3,4Thousand yuan to4Approximately 10,000 or so, each price can find a suitable machine.

2Because the power problem cannot be matchedCICAndITCCustomer, that is to say, this kind of customer must have to choose nowITEOr ordinary ear back machine; this body and appearance ratioITESmaller and more beautiful.


3After wearing a custom machine, I feel that the ear is severe and unacceptable. I can use this machine to wear ordinary earplugs;

4Suitable for a large number of children’s customers who have already entered the higher grades of elementary school. These children’s customers mainly chose ordinary before.13The high power of the battery is even a super-powered ear-back machine. If you want to improve the appearance and reduce the pressure on the auricle, this machine is a good solution. At present, some machines can be directly connected to the smart phone, and the mobile phone is installed such as English learning software.

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