What issues need to be paid attention to when wearing a hearing aid

Many people don’t know much about the use of hearing aids after they have a hearing aid. Therefore, the effect is not good, or the hearing aid teacher has a problem, and the frequency of damage is very high. In fact, many times we can affect the use of hearing aids with a small move. The following will tell you what to pay attention to when using a hearing aid.


First: the hearing aid can not fall. The material of the outer casing is especially a custom machine, which is very unfalling. It is basically a kind of broken piece. Therefore, we must be careful and careful in the process of use, and must not fall. The first time users recommend sitting in a soft place to avoid hearing the fall of the hearing aid when it is not proficient. Hearing aids must be built into the habit of boxing without having to take them down.

Second: hearing aids are electronic products, and most of them are not allowed to enter the water. Therefore, it is not possible to wear it when it is used, as long as it is possible to enter the water. This includes washing, bathing, shampooing, and raining. Some ear-back manufacturers say they are waterproof, but I think even if this is the case, you should avoid it if you can avoid it.

Third: the hearing aid cannot be placed in a high temperature environment.

Fourth: For the first time wearing a hearing aid, it is necessary to control the time of wearing, because the ear from the empty to the stuff, a process is needed to adapt to the feeling of blocking the ear. The time increases from short to long. Once you feel uncomfortable in this process, you must take it off and take it after a break. Can’t rush to seek success. Adapting to a hearing aid is not a one-off event. It is a process that takes a certain amount of time.

Fifth: For the first time wearing a hearing aid, the environment to be worn must be gradually increased from quiet to complex. Because the wearer is hearing loss before the hearing aid, the sound heard is small or not at all. In his auditory sense world is very quiet, if you enter the noisy environment for the first time, the hearing aid will help the wearer to hear a lot of sounds (including noise), this time not only does not listen well, but these noises are irritating The wearer’s auditory nerve, at this time the auditory nerve is very easy to fatigue, resulting in rejection, severe dizziness. This is like turning off the lights at night, and suddenly someone turns on the lights and can’t open the eyes. Therefore, the control of the wearing environment is particularly important. This is related to whether wearing is confident to continue wearing.

Sixth: Keep the ear canal clean and hygienic, reduce the corrosion of earwax hearing aids, and develop the habit of occasionally cleaning the ear canal. After bathing or shampooing, be sure to wait for the moisture in the ear canal and hair to dry before taking it, otherwise the hearing aid will be easily damaged by moisture.

Seventh: The hearing aid must be placed in a safe box to prevent children from playing or the animals such as cats and dogs at home will be bitten or dragged to other places to lose.

Eighth: When the hearing aid finds no sound, first check if the volume switch is turned off, then check if the sound hole and microphone are blocked, and finally check if the battery contact and battery power are insufficient.

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