What is the difference between hearing aids at different price points?

One point for the price of one item, according to the quality of the price. Hearing aidSub-linear amplification and digital selective amplification. The former only needs a few hundred yuan, but now it has gradually been eliminated. This kind of hearing aid that infinitely magnifies the sound is very noisy. If the hearing loss is not serious, wearing it will make the ear irritate.


Generally ordinary1000To5000,about.3000To5000Primary noise reduction, number of channels4To6about. The sound quality is better. Mid-range5000To15000The number of channels is more than normal, and the noise reduction level is also higher. The sound quality is much better than normal, and the same function is much more. Medium to high grade15000To40000Needless to say, the function, clarity, comfort, and sound processing technology, the chip configuration must be much higher. Brands are important, and choosing a properly authorized fitting center is important. Hearing aid3Sub-test,7Sub-commissioning. Choose a hearing aid that matches your hearing loss. Combine according to the actual needs of your own economic budget and ordinary life. If you are older, do not go out often, stay in a quiet environment, according to the effect of your own try, you can choose a more affordable hearing aid; if young people need work, meeting, answering more, life The environment is complex and needs to solve many hearing problems. This requires consideration of high-end and high-end. If it is a child, the requirements are higher. The child is in a period of growth and development, which is the golden age of language development and exercise. It is a crucial period for learning scientific and cultural knowledge. They need to listen to all the voices of this real world. If they listen well, they can learn well. In fact, they are no different from normal children!

The most expensive is not necessarily the best, the best is the best!

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