The difference between cheap hearing aids and high-end hearing aids

On the one hand, the difference in hardware level,Internal chip,Directional microphone settings and speaker bandwidth, etc.,for example,The chip used by cheap hearing aids is about several hundred thousand to several million times per second.,And the latest chips not only reach hundreds of millions of times per second.,And also added Bluetooth performance.Fast speed to avoid delays in sound signals,And on this basis, you can achieve more high-tech performance.. On the other hand, the difference in software level,Cheap digital machines are usually single or dual channel,High-end hearing aids can be reached16Channel even20aisle,Noise reduction,Automatic program conversion, etc.,simply put,The higher the machine grade,The more expensive the price,The better the natural performance. After all, wearing a hearing aid is to hear and hear the sound.,Solve the problem of language communication.Time to do what you need,Don’t blindly pursue expensive hearing aids,Generally, you can choose mid-range..Finally, you must listen to the results yourself..


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