Does the hearing aid really work?Is it helpful to wear a hearing aid?

1,First of all, give you a positive answer. Hearing aids really work. People in this industry know clearly that many users who wear hearing aids for a long time will be very anxious if the hearing aids suddenly break down because they are very different from and without hearing aids. Hearing aids really help them hear the sound better and communicate more loosely. There is no hearing aid for almost a moment.

2,Hearing aidFor each individual, there is a difference in the size of the help. As you said, hearing aids can be guaranteed, but you want to hear clearly that you need a qualified hearing aid, the fitter’s reasonable debugging and the user’s own speech recognition ability. .


3,Each user’s cause is different and will be presentedAt different levels of recognition, the level of commissioning by the fitter also partially affects the clarity of the hearing aid amplification. Therefore, there is a large difference in the use of hearing aids. But overall, the individuals with poor recognition ability are still relatively small. Therefore, the vast majority of people with hearing impairment really need to timely fit the hearing aid.

4,For people with too much hearing loss (very severe), the help of hearing aids is limited. At this time, it is necessary to consider making a cochlear implant to solve the difficulty of listening.

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