Difference between digital hearing aids and ordinary hearing aids

Digital hearing aid is an all-digital chip processorAccording to the characteristics of the patient’s hearing loss, the audiologist adjusts the hearing parameters through the computer and stores it on the digital chip processor of the hearing aid. The chip processor continuously analyzes the external input sound and controls the operation of the hearing aid.

The more advanced the hearing aid products, the more powerful the chip function, the more parameters will be included, the frequency can be divided, noise-reduced, and analyzed. Therefore, the sound quality is soft, the noise is low, the distortion is small, and the environment adaptability is good. Top hearing aids already have some artificial intelligence recognition.

The digital hearing aid compensates the sound according to the hearing condition according to the hearing condition, so that the sound sounds more natural, the definition is higher, the noise reduction effect is better, and the residual hearing can be better protected.

The nonlinear hearing aid is a hearing aid for amplifying the circuit board. The external sound and the human voice are simultaneously amplified, so that a very subtle sound can be heard, but the only bad thing is that it is very noisy when it is outside the noise. The residual hearing of the ear is not well protected.

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