What is a behind-the-ear hearing aid?What are the characteristics of the behind-the-ear hearing aid?

One: compared with the box machine

1.The behind-the-ear hearing aid has no wires and is small in size, and is easily concealed in the hair, so it has a certain aesthetic appearance.

2.Noise is reduced because it does not rub against the clothes.

3.The phenomenon of low-frequency reflection enhancement of the human torso is obviously weakened. Therefore, the ear-back hearing aid with the same technical parameters and the box type is better.


Two: Compared with the ear machine and the ear canal machine

1.The behind-the-ear hearing aids are large and suitable for a variety of different types of hearing loss.

2.Due to the large size of the behind-the-ear hearing aids, designers can easily install some complex line chips to improve performance and enhance functions, such as the installation of induction coils in the behind-the-ear hearing aids, which can make the children call or special. A clear sound inductance is received in the electrified classroom; a directional microphone can be installed.

3.The battery, knob, etc. are large and easy to operate.

4.Easy to repair, durable and easy to adjust.

5.The ear canal of the child is in the growing period, and is not suitable for the in-ear hearing aid, and the ear-back type machine only needs to replace the ear mold, which is convenient.

6.No need to make a reservation, it can be mass-produced, and it can reduce costs.

Fourth, the shortcomings of the ear-back hearing aid

1.The microphone hole of the behind-the-ear hearing aid is located above the auricle, and the sweat on the head after the heat or movement easily penetrates into the hole and other parts of the hearing aid, causing the hearing aid to malfunction.

2.The behind-the-ear hearing aid is located behind the ear, and the switch and volume control are inconvenient to adjust.

3.For people with high appearance requirements, this kind of hearing aid is still too big and too conspicuous.

4.Compared with the box type hearing aid, the distance between the microphone of the behind-the-ear hearing aid and the receiver is closer. When the installation is improper or the gain is large, the sound of the receiver is easily overflowed and the microphone is re-entered, and the second amplification causes the sound feedback Call, so larger ear-back hearing aids must be customized.

5.It is easy to produce a plugging effect. The ear plugging effect means that after the ear cavity or the external auditory canal is occluded by the ear mold, the patient feels that his voice is echogenic or sounds dull and unnatural. The ear plug effect is mainly limited2KHZThe following low-frequency sounds are mainly generated when the patient is vocalized. Because the ear mold is worn, the sound cannot be leaked, causing the external auditory canal wall to vibrate, and the generated sound waves are again transmitted into the ear, thereby causing the low-frequency sound pressure of the outer ear to enhance the ear plugging effect. Often one of the main reasons why low-frequency hearing is unwilling to hearing aids is that the traditional solution is to expand the ear mold vent or use an open ear mold, but it is easy to cause acoustic feedback and change the frequency response range of the hearing aid.

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