Behind-the-ear hearing aid features – what is a behind-the-ear hearing aid

Behind The Ear Hearing Aids (BTE) is also called a behind-the-ear or ear-hook hearing aid. It relies on a hard plastic ear hook that is bent in a semicircular shape to hang behind the ear. Compared to the box hearing aid, it is much smaller in size and weight, and has better concealment. The microphone, amplifier and receiver are inside the machine, and the amplified sound is transmitted through the sound tube through the ear tube into the ear mold or earplug. The behind-the-ear hearing aid is one of the currently widely used types and is suitable for people with hearing loss who are at various hearing loss levels.

For the wearer who often sweats, the ear-back hearing aid is worn behind the ear, the sweat on the hair easily enters the hearing aid through the microphone hole, the components are damp, accelerating the aging of the components, causing damage; The ear-back hearing aids still have a large appearance; for those who have better low-frequency hearing and poor high-frequency hearing, they cannot balance the ear blocking effect and howling. The above points often plague people with hearing loss. With the development of technology, the behind-the-ear hearing aids have also changed, resulting in open hearing aids and receiver built-in hearing aids.

The difference between an open hearing aid and a conventional behind-the-ear hearing aid is that the ear hook and the sound tube are replaced by a thin sound tube, and the microphone, amplifier, receiver, etc. are still in the body. The advantage of the fine sound tube is that from the front, the concealment is improved, but the volume of the fuselage is unchanged; another advantage is that it can effectively balance the plugging effect and the difficulty of howling; the comfort is also greatly improved.

The difference between the receiver built-in hearing aid RIC and the traditional behind-the-ear hearing aid is that the hearing aid’s receiver is removed from the body and placed in the ear canal. After such treatment, in addition to making the fuselage smaller and more concealed, it is also possible to change the hearing loss of the same body by using different power receivers to make the hearing aids of the same body have different powers to more flexibly correspond to different hearing loss levels. Wearer. In addition, because the receiver is in the ear canal, the distance between the microphone and the receiver is invisibly increased, so that the possibility of howling is greatly reduced, and the problem between the ear blocking effect and the howling is better balanced.I believe that everyone has a simple understanding of what is a hearing aid for the ear, please click for more information about hearing aids.返回】see more

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