Behind hearing aid Cleaning[Ear-back hearing aid cleaning tips]

During the use of hearing aids, the earwax produced in the ear canal will accumulate at the mouth of the ear canal and the earmold, and a large amount of accumulated earwax will affectBehind hearing aidThe sound quality, so please clean your ear canal and hearing aid earmold regularly.

Behind hearing aid

1. Cleaning the earmold

1First, use your fingers to pinch the ear hooks and catheters and remove the earmold from the hearing aid.

2) Use a small brush and a soft, dry cloth to clean the earwax on the earmold. Use a mild detergent if needed. (such as water, flexible soap, etc.)

3) The earmold can be rinsed with water.

4) Dry the earmold with a cloth.

5The water droplets on the catheter and the earmold are blown off as much as possible and blown dry.


1) Before cleaning, be sure to separate the earmold from the hearing aid. Do not let the hearing aid touch the water.

2The catheter can be connected to the hearing aid only after the catheter and the earmold are completely dry. When connecting, make sure that the earmold corresponds to the left and right ears of the hearing aid.

3) When connecting the earmold to the hearing aid, make sure that the earmold behind hearing and the arc parts of the two-match.

4If you encounter the following conditions, please consult the fitter:

a) Earmold causes pain or discomfort

b) Unable to remove earwax from the earmold

c) The tube turns yellow or becomes brittle

2. Cleaning hearing aid

1) Clean the hearing aid with a dry, soft cloth.

2Please clean on a soft table to avoid damage when the hearing aid falls.

3) Remember: Please do not use any liquid or water.

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