Behind hearing aidIntroduction of the behind-the-ear hearing aid

In recent years, hearing aid facilities have been a popular facility among hearing-impaired friends around the world.,The worry of the behind-the-ear hearing aid facility is First of all, it has the characteristics of wearing position concealed to conform to the wearer’s psychology. In addition, the sound transmission effect is good, and the trimming at the eardrum can effectively improve the acoustic effect, and at the same time, the volume is small and is convenient to carry. However, due to its small size and other characteristics, some details must be paid attention to when using it.


(1The hearing aid device of the ear is small, the distance between the microphone and the earplug is very close, and the eardrum will whistle if it is not good, and the howling of the hearing aid is mostly caused by this factor. Therefore, it is important to wear the eardrum.

(2Pay attention to the battery usage of the hearing aids. The ear-back hearing aids use a small button-type battery. The battery is relatively small and expensive. Please turn off the power when not in use.

(3) Keep the earplugs open and keep the sound running smoothly, often handling the earplugs.

(4When the ear-ear hearing aid is hung behind the ear, it is easy to invade the sweat, and the electronic components of the hearing aid facility are afraid of moisture. Once entering Hanshui, it will affect the listening effect, and the hearing aid facilities will be seriously damaged.

(5) The hearing aid device is small and easy to lose In particular, children with small hearing impairment should pay more attention to the protection of the hearing aid facilities. The hearing aid facilities should be connected to the children’s clothing if the child is willing, so that the hearing aid facilities will not be lost even if they fall.

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