Hearing aid anti-sweat set-Ear sweating aid hearing aid

The auricle itself is generally involuntarily sweating, but the head that is close to the auricle is one of the main sweating parts; when the sweaty person wears the behind-the-ear hearing aid, the host behind the ear sticks to the head, close to the hair. Root, the machine can be easily surrounded by sweat. In the long run, the hearing aid can be attacked by sweat, affecting the life of the use; more frequent wiping and moisture absorption maintenance is required. The ear cavity and the external auditory canal do not sweat spontaneously, and are far away from the sweaty parts; when the sweaty person wears the in-ear hearing aid, the sweat can not easily contact the hearing aid, and the hearing aid is kept dry to a certain extent; It is necessary to maintain the regular frequency, and it will not affect the life due to the excessive sweat. This is what the daily fitter often mentions: “The ear is not afraid of sweat.”

People with more sweat can choose hearing aids like this

1. In the case that the hearing loss is not too serious and the ear condition is allowed, the person with a lot of sweat can give priority to the “in-the-ear hearing aid”;

2.When the hearing loss is serious and the power of the ear is not enough, it is recommended to select the “ear-ear hearing aid”.

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